Move over Guinness Book of World Records, here comes the list of the top ten cannabis-consuming cities around the world. The Israeli firm Seedo, which sells hydroponic devices designed for home growing, recently conducted a study of weed consumption around the world. They compiled a 2018 Cannabis Price Index ( by gathering data from crowdsourcing websites, and then assessing that data against the UN Office of Drugs and Crime’s 2017 World Drug Report. Here’s their resulting list of the biggest stoner metropolises:

  1. Toronto

Surprisingly, Toronto outranks Vancouver (which doesn’t even make the cut). Canada’s biggest city kicks off the list with an annual consumption of about 22.5 metric tons of marijuana per year, showing us that the provincial crackdown on dispensaries hasn’t dampened anyone’s enthusiasm. The Ontario government may already be on to this as it’s considering carrying out a wastewater analysis to gain weed usage stats. For the time being, however, party on Toronto!

  1. Moscow

Russia’s capital city comes in next at an annual consumption of roughly 22.87 metric tons of weed. This is an interesting turn of events, given how Putin is vehemently against marijuana and possession could still send you to Siberian prison. Despite the country’s conservative attitude towards drugs, some groups in Russia are lobbying for legalization. Perhaps the lawmakers’ chilly views will thaw out in the future.

  1. Chicago

The Windy City blows the smoke of 24.54 metric tons of weed per year, even after Illinois came late to the medical marijuana party. The state is looking to vote in November on full legalization, so it’s possible that Chicago will climb up the list in the future.

  1. London

The UK’s weed laws are currently so strict that smoking on your own property is illegal, yet marijuana prevails as the country’s most popular drug. The jolly ole’ London fog is rolling in at a rate of 31.4 metric tons per year. If the country’s proliferation of secret cannabis cafes is any indication, cannabis culture is there to stay.

  1. Mumbai

Cannabis has been in use in India since about 2000 BC, so it’s not shocking that its largest city consumes 32.38 metric tons annually. Weed is currently outlawed in India yet it has dominated the country’s illegal drug trade. Fortunately, there has been a substantial push towards legalization over the last several years and ganja may become more fully embraced down the road.

  1. Cairo

Egyptians clearly enjoy a lil’ sumpin’sumpin in their shisha, given that their annual consumption of 32.59 tons lands them smack dab in the middle of the list. We’re certain that King Tut himself would approve.

  1. Los Angeles

California has long served as America’s true cannabis capital. This status was cemented when the City of Angels legalized recreational weed earlier this year, turning it into the largest marijuana marketplace in the world. It’s certainly no surprise then that the City of Angels burns off 36.06 metric tons annually.

  1. New Delhi

Cannabis in the edible form of bhang is legal in New Delhi, plus police tend to look the other way when it comes to cannabis-related offences. Weed is even sold openly from private homes, so it seems reasonable that ganja on the Ganges is being consumed an impressive 38.26 metric tons per year.

  1. Karachi

Pakistan’s largest city ranks second on the list with an astonishing 41.95 metric tons of cannabis being consumed per year, to the shock of many Pakistanis (possession can still get you the death penalty). Karachi was also ranked as one of the world’s most dangerous cities a year ago, so it is racking up quite the collection of dubious honors.

  1. NYC

The Big Apple is now officially the Baked Apple, topping off the list with a whopping consumption of 77.44 metric tons of weed per year. So toke up and take in those bright neon lights of Broadway!

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