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Guava Chem

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The Guava Chem strain belongs to the Guava family, of marijuana strains, which have the distinct properties confined to the Guava class of Marijuana. This strain is a cross between Tres Chemdawg and Chem 4, which, themselves, are formed after multiple crosses between the Afghani number 1 and Dawg strain. It is a light-feel strain which is preferably consumed during the day. Guava Chem is known to have THC level up to 21.5%. However, its effects build up if you smoke it for a longer duration, without taking a break. Patients who choose the Guava Chaim usually have symptoms such as extreme pain, anxiety, and stress. It has a positive effect on patients, leaving them happy and energized. The properties of Guava Chem will make the patient giggle and increase his or her creativity as a bonus. It has a citrusy taste with a rather sweet aroma.

Strain Attributes: Effects

Happy 100%
Uplifted 87%
Relaxed 90%
Euphoric 80%
Hungry 40%

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