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    Purple Widow

    Purple Widow from De Sjamaan Seeds crosses White Widow with the renowned Dutch outdoor strain Purple Power, resulting in a large, sturdy plant that produces fat, resin-covered purple flowers. The aroma ranges from incense to fruit with floral overtones, and the taste from light berry to citrusy. Effects are generally described as combining a strong indica body high with a racy, cerebral sativa feel. Originally bred in the Netherlands in 2007, Purple Widow is not recommended for indoor growing and can reach over 10 feet in height outdoors.

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    Lemon Skunk

    Lemon Skunk was conceived from two separate Skunk phenotypes that displayed exceptionally zesty lemon traits. The skunky, citrus flavor draws you in immediately, and the happy, energetic buzz will shake you out of any funk. DNA Genetics has developed Lemon Skunk as great strain for combating depression and stress.

  • $20.00$190.00 + GST/HST

    Grapefruit Romulan

    Grapefruit Romulan packs a punch both in the mind and body. This indica hybrid is a colourful mesh of Romulan and Grapefruit strains which gives it a green body with traces of purple hues and orange hairs. Grape Romulan is best used to treat depression and anxiety for the full body euphoria but also as a brain stimulant that will get the creative juices flowing. Be sure not to overdo it or be faced with a case of the jitters.