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  • $50.00 + GST/HST

    Happy Face Vape Pen

    The happiest vaping experience on Earth. Enjoy about 100 smooth puffs of high quality cannabis extract. These pens are pre-filled, fully charged, and easy to use. Just inhale and let your happy face take effect.

    Details: Happy Face Cannabis Vaporizer Pen
    Content: Approx. 100 puffs (650mg THC content – 40%)
    Company: Happy Face (
    Quality: High Quality Cannabis Extracts

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    Erbatip Vape Pen KIT

    Details: Comes with one flavor of Erbatips , rechargeable vape pen battery, and USB charger
    Content: (500ml THC  content – 33%)
    Company: Erbatip (
    Quality: High Quality Cannabis Extracts

  • $40.00 + GST/HST

    Green Island Naturals – CBD Honey Tears

    200mg CBD, 1ml

    Honey Tears are simply better phoenix tears. Made using quality buds and sugar leaf. Tested for contaminants and potency. A small bit of raw organic honey is added as a natural preservative keeping your tears fresh for longer. Hand-crafted in B.C using food grade organic hemp flowers extracted with distilled grain alcohol.

    Tips for Safe & Effective Use

    For oral consumption:

    1/10 of an applicator (20mg) is an average dose. May cause drowsiness, avoid operating heavy machinery after use. Can be eaten as is or mixed into foods.

    This product is not meant for topical use.

  • $50.00 + GST/HST

    XO Extracts Vape Pen

    Premium, all-natural, cannabis extract. A clean & effective way to enjoy your cannabis discretely without lingering smells. Comes with battery pen and usb charger.

    80% THC
    1G of Shatter
    1.2 ml

  • $40.00 + GST/HST

    XO Extracts Shatter – Granddaddy Purple

    Details: Indica, 1 gram
    Company: XO Extracts
    Quality: Shatter Nug
    A17.5 Oven // Distilled 5(9) Butane

  • $40.00 + GST/HST

    XO Extracts Shatter – Diamond OG

    Details: Indica, 1 gram
    Company: XO Extracts
    Quality: Shatter Nug
    A17.5 Oven // Distilled 5(9) Butane