The legalization of marijuana is becoming increasingly widespread while breaking new ground. As weed becomes more socially acceptable, its market is receiving an overhaul with a rebranding that appeals to a more professional, hip demographic. For one, so-called “ganja-preneurs” are gearing the marijuana market towards women, who are statistically drinking less booze and are instead partaking of more pot, as well as towards a more affluent crowd. As Dana Goodyear reports in the New Yorker, weed “is a therapeutic aid in the life of an active, productive professional—like fish oil, with better dreams. The new consumer (or the old consumer, reimagined) is not zonked in a La-Z-Boy watching Wayne’s World with a bag of chips. She is making a vision board for the startup she’s launching, lightly high on a strain promising to connect her to her intuition without stimulating binge-eating.” Furthermore, Eaze, a San Francisco-based tech company that tracks cannabis use across its markets as part of its services, has discovered that today’s cannabis consumer spends more per year on weed than the average American spends on personal care, alcohol, and tobacco combined.


Here are some of the latest marijuana wellness trends to take hold:

Premium Paraphernalia

Gone are the days of primarily smoking joints or ripping bong hits to get high. Products like vape pens provide an easier, healthier way of ingesting weed by providing precise dosages and removing smoke from the equation. Companies like Hmbldt have taken the lead by offering pens that are pre-loaded with blends of cannabinoids and terpenes. Their blends include different formulas for specific conditions, each with a name that sounds more like something you’d find on an essential oil label. Some examples are Sleep for insomnia, Calm for anxiety, Arouse and Passion for libido, and Bliss for mood elevation.

Handbag and accessory brand AnnaBis has feminized the world of weed accoutrements by designing an odor proof purse “for the modern cannabis woman” that has concealed pockets for lighters or vapes. Their motto is “It’s legalized, let’s make it civilized”.

Celebrity Whoopi Goldberg and award-winning edibles maker Maya Elisabeth have collaborated to create Whoopi & Maya, a line of cannabis-infused cacao edibles that help treat conditions like menstrual cramps. The pair has also come up with an herbal tincture for relaxation, a lavender and cannabis bath soak, a cannabis-infused body balm.

Whoopi & Maya is just one of many lines to cash in on the concept of cannabis as an antioxidant. Other luxury cannabis companies include Candescent, which invites you to “cultivate the canvas of your life” by choosing a flower that corresponds to the feeling you wish to experience, and Lord Jones, an edibles brand by the marketing executive who brought us high-end nutritional bar Lärabar. Lord Jones’ confections even come in boxes lined with gold foil that are stamped with a crest. New dispensaries like Los Angeles’ MedMen and San Francisco’s Harvest are following suit by creating more of an apothecary vibe, complete with warmly lit, airy interiors and friendly staff.

Cannabis Classes

Dee Dussalt, the creator of Ganja Yoga and the first teacher to offer public cannabis-enhanced classes, believes that “when you’re high, you can focus better on your breath.” She also claims that consuming small doses of cannabis before yoga class reduces the body’s rigidity, rendering one more receptive to the yoga poses and philosophies. She began teaching ganja yoga out of her Toronto studio in 2009, touting it as part of “a lifestyle to help you create a more harmonious and stress-free world”. The trend has now spread to cities like Denver, Portland, and San Francisco.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, cannabis retailer Aura Cannabis aims to “help guide your cannabis journey towards an enhanced enjoyment of life through education, service and support”. They offer cannabis education and group workouts at their Flower & Freedom fitness classes. Rather than smoke weed before vinyasa flow yoga class, Aura Cannabis introduces their clients to cannabis topicals and CBD.

Some pro skiers and snowboarders claim that weed enhances their training. Body builders also claim that it helps them to do more heavy lifting. It’s no surprise then that over in California the world’s first cannabis gym is in the works. Power Plant Fitness will allow members to consume cannabis while they work out, offering a line of “athletic edibles” made for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery. They will also provide trainers who help to incorporate weed into a wellness routine.

Ganja Getaways

For those who wish to take their weed wellness on the road, plenty of retreats have emerged to serve that need. Ganja Goddess Getaways is one example, offering overnight retreats designed to help women “become the best versions of themselves” by offering cannabis as a “therapeutic tool to enhance spiritual practices and promote creativity.” These getaways foster community by creating a ganja goddess “tribe”.

Colorado career woman Jane West has taken weed wellness to the physical realm by creating the Cannabis Cleanse, designed to incorporate cannabis into our systems rather than flushing it out. The cleanse aims to help us lose weight by replacing alcohol with marijuana. It also focuses on intentional living by contemplating our daily choices and conducting a conscious lifestyle.

All in all, this is an exciting time for the weed industry. It will be fun to keep tabs on all of the latest and greatest developments as the market continues to grow.

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