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mountain haze

These Are The World’s Most Stoned Cities

Move over Guinness Book of World Records, here comes the list of the top ten cannabis-consuming cities around the world. The Israeli firm Seedo, which sells hydroponic devices designed for home growing, recently conducted a study of weed consumption around ...
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Would Doobie My Valentine?

Love is in the air this month as Cupid, that little trigger-happy minx, shoots his arrows all over the place. Lovers everywhere will be busting out the hearts and flowers as a sign of their love and affection. This year, ...
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Not Your Grandmother’s Weed

The legalization of marijuana is becoming increasingly widespread while breaking new ground. As weed becomes more socially acceptable, its market is receiving an overhaul with a rebranding that appeals to a more professional, hip demographic. For one, so-called “ganja-preneurs” are ...
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This Bud’s For You – Hemp And Hops Become Latest Beer Trend

Hemp and hops, both part of the same family of flowering plants, are close enough to be kissing cousins. As a result, they share lots of the same chemical properties. For example, the organic compound in hops that gives beer ...
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