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Learn more about the medical benefits of cannabis and uses of mail order marijuana in Canada.

An Introduction To Cannabis

What are the active ingredients in cannabis? Active ingredients in cannabis include “a resin containing over 60 components called cannabinoids; volatile oil; flavinoids”. - Polunin, Miriam, and Christopher Robbins. The natural pharmacy: An encyclopedic illustrated guide to medicines from nature ...
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Legal Cannabis Is Expected to Delay in 2018

It turns out we’re going to have to wait a bit longer than anticipated to have access to recreational pot across Canada according to senior Canadian police officials. Marijuana legalization has many hurdles to overcome and the police are skeptical ...
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Try These 5 Tips To Get The Most Out of Your High

There’s a common problem amongst stoners hitting a plateau no matter how much you smoke, the high never seems to reach that peak level as it was when you first tried it. Remember that time? Taking the first pulls from ...
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Here Are 5 Strains For Different Moods

The general rule of thumb is sativa-dominant strains offer a creative brain-boost that will keep you energized while the indica-dominant brings you down into a more euphoric, relaxing mindset. The hybrid strains bring you somewhere in the middle. No matter ...
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