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California Wildfires Send Cannabis Industry Up in Smoke

If you have been following the news lately, you are aware that raging wildfires have been plaguing northern California since early October. Fires have specifically been sweeping through Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties, scorching the many homes and businesses in ...
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Is The Future Of The Canadian Marijuana Industry Up In Smoke With Proposed Provincial Monopoly?

On September 8th, Ontario’s provincial government unveiled its proposed framework for regulating the sale of recreational marijuana once it becomes legalized, marking it the first province or territory to do so. A key element of the framework is that the ...
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5 Pot News Round Up

The eDispense High 5 – Stay In The Know With This Roundup of Pot News

Would you believe that there’s more in the news than Donald Trump and Kardashians? No, there really is and we rounded them up for you. Here are some of the most talked about stories involving cannabis this week. 1) California ...
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5 Fun Facts About Weed You Might Not Have Heard Of

Good ole marijuana has a long history with more than its fair share of contradictions and urban myths surrounding it. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction though, and here are five concrete facts for you to ponder about your ...
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